Project Description

Customer: Huyghe Brewery
Location: Melle, Belgium
Installation: 240 kegs/h, 3 Monoblocs 80 4-2
Year Completed: 2016

Huyghe, the brewery which carries the pink elephant ‘Delirium” in its banner, goes green. The new 240 kegs/h small footprint kegline is, apart from energy friendly, also very flexible to handle their large variety of kegs (28 types!). The 3 independent production cells, each with an “all in one” compact Monobloc 80 washer/filler and a 6-axis robot, are designed for handling, labelling and capping. In combination with a linear transfer shuttle for a common in- and outfeed of the pallets, it is possible to run in a flexible way, 3 different keg packagings at the same time.