Project Description

Customer: Arcadia Brewing
Location: Michigan, USA
Installation: 60–70 kegs/h, Monobloc Slimline 3-1
Year Completed: 2016

I can’t think of a single piece of equipment in any brewery that takes a greater beating than the kegging line. The robust construction and ease of operation of our Lambrechts line makes operator training easy and minimizes down time. Lambrechts has routinely applied feedback from Rotech test keg audits, which assures us of the quality and consistency of our keg cleaning and sterilization. Lambrechts commitment to using off-the-shelf parts has made procuring spare parts quick and inexpensive, while their support and documentation are second-to-none. There’s no doubt that the Slimline Monobloc was the right machine for our brewery.

_Dave Sippel_Director of Brewing Operations
_Arcadia Brewing