Leak Detection

3 out of 1000 spears of filled kegs show micro leaks. 80% of these can be detected by the system and these kegs will be rejected.




– Standard machine for 30 and 50 ltr kegs (other sizes possible)
– Kegs passing in upright position (connection at the top)
– Capacity (as per keg type) up to 350 kegs/hour with 1 leak detection, up to 550 kegs/hour with a double leak detection, this always depending on the type of extractor tube
– Kegs are stopped on both sides by pneumatically operated clamps
– The pressure probe covers the spear and neck of the keg after which a
pressure check is carried out
– The leak pressure is readable
– After this procedure, the gate open to admit the next keg
– Alarm by lamp and PLC signal in case of leaking kegs
– Detection of leaks min 0.010 kg/cm²
– Section conveyor 1.2 meter without chain and drive