This keg Washing & Filling system allows the brewer to handle up to 35 returnable stainless steel kegs per hour.

Washing Head

The Washing Head blows out any residue, rinses with mixed water and soaks with acid and/or caustic. After the washing process is completed, the keg is sterilized with saturated steam. All Lambrechts washers are programmed with a 60 second sterilization time.

Filling Head

The Filling Head empties the steam with CO2. The filling is processed as a three stage fill. (slow-fast-slow)


Comprehensive cleaning cycle
Steam sterilization or anti-septic treatment of kegs
Minimal beer loss
Minimum oxygen pickup
Very little maintenance required

Recirculated detergent system with heating and level control
Optional 2nd detergent system
Siemens PLC
Electrical cabinet with switchgear and color touch screen display
Separate washing and filling heads
Manual Keg placement, automatic process
Compact layout (2200 mm x 950 mm x 1350 mm)