Keg Washer (800x534)

Keg Washers

Presentation of a clean, spotless keg is part of the general impression the customer gets when receiving a keg from the brewery.

Over the last 55 years, Lambrechts has become the industry leader in both internal and external cleaning of kegs. Hundreds of installations worldwide are the daily proof of that experience.

Technical Data

– Capacity up to 1500 kegs/h
– Completely made from stainless steel
– Modular construction
– Automatic adjustment per keg type and contents
– Incorporated double filter system
– Uses a system of ‘flatjet’ nozzles with large orifice
– Easy maintenance
– Removable panels on both sides


– Automatic Filters
– High Pressure label removal
– Brush section
– Detergent dosing
– Touch screen
– Remote Service