Odell Brewery

Project Description

Customer: Odell Brewery
Location: Fort Collins USA
Kegs per hour: 144-160 kegs/h, double Chunnel 422
Year Completed: 2016

“In 2014 we began researching keg line manufacturers that met our standards for keg cleanliness, robustness of design and service support. Lambrechts commitment to quality, support and overall systems design was very thorough, and demonstrated a long history of understanding effective keg sterilization. The more we grow to know the team at Lambrechts, the more we trust their leadership. Overall, I could not be more pleased with our keg line, the partnership and cultural fit between Odell Brewing Co. and Lambrechts.”

_John Baise_Packaging manager_Odell Brewing Co.

St Austell Brewery

Project Description

Customer: St Austell Brewery
Location: St Austell, UK
Kegs per hour: 80 Kegs/h
Year Completed: 2015



This independent Cornwall Brewer knew what they were looking for when they ordered their Monobloc 80 with Lambrechts. With limited space in their racking cellar obtain maximum efficiency under ultimate hygienic conditions.

With little time to interrupt their production capacity, the success was to be found in the preparation of the project. All service media piping was laid out and ready to go upon installation. During the FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) the whole installation was running at Lambrechts as if at the brewery. Even the Line operators were brought out to get in house training at Lambrechts so they could work from day ‘one’ with ‘their’ machine.

Hoegaarden Brewery

Hoegaarden (8)

Project Description

Customer: ABInBev Hoegaarden
Location: Hoegaarden, Belgium
Kegs per hour: 240 Kegs/h
Year Completed: 2007

As part of the ABInBev group, Hoegaarden is world famous for its ‘Belgian White Beer’.

Since the White Beer is fermenting in the keg, extra cleaning and soaking capacity is required to obtain a sterile keg. The brewery built 20 minutes extra soaking time into its process.

Meantime Brewery


Customer: Meantime Brewing
Location: London, United Kingdom
Kegs per hour: 80
Year Completed: 2014

Monobloc 80 with Robot

Meantime Brewery was founded by Alistair Hook in 2000. Starting from scratch they are well under way to be producing 120.000 hl by 2016.
Meantime can be considered one of the most important breweries in downtown London today. Lambrechts is proud to have installed a fully equipped Monobloc 80 in the London Area.

The robot handles up to 7000 pints of beer an hour in 30 and 50 ltr kegs.

Alken Maes Chunnel 421 600 kegs/hr


Alken Maes Chunnel 421 600 kegs/hr

Alken Maes

Customer: Alken-Maes
Kegs per hour: 600
Location: Alken, Belgium
Year Completed: 2002

Alken Maes 600 kegs/hr

Alken-Maes, a wholy owned Heineken subsiduary, dedicated to concentrate all of its brewing and conditioning activities in one location in Belgium.

Lambrechts provided a 5 x 2 Chunnel 421-D keg washing and filling installation

421-D stands for a Double line 4 washing head and 2 filling head walking beam washing & filling system

Beavertown COMNIpact 235


Customer: Beavertown
Location:  London, UK
Year Completed:   2014
Capacity: 35/kegs/hr

This young and ambitious downtown London Brewery lives up to a strict schedule when it comes to growth and expansion. With the investment in a Lambrechts C Omni pact 235 they enable themselves to deliver both returnable and one way Kegs to the market.

The C Omni pact 235 is able to fill all types of currently known one way kegs. With and without internal bag.

Victory Brewing

Victory 2012 (800x450)

Project Description

Customer: Victory Brewing
Location: Downington, PA – US
Kegs per hour: 180 Kegs/hr
Year Completed: 2011

One of the leading Craft Brewers in the US chose Lambrechts as their Turnkey Partner for their new kegline. The project was followed through from A to Z. Lambrechts policy is to have the complete setup working in the factory in Belgium (FAT) before shipping.

After the installation of the plant on site, the startup was straight

Bali Hai Brewery

Project Description

Customer: Bali Hai Brewery
Location: Indonesia
Kegs per hour: 70
Year Completed: 2013

Bali Hai brewery was founded in 1975 and is currently employing 450 co-workers. Their cooperation with Heineken introduced the brewery to Lambrechts, resulting in a succesful project. The brewery opted for a Monobloc Slimline model.

Asia Pacific Singapore

Asian Pacific (6)

Project Description

Customer: Asian Pacific Brewery
Location: Singapore
Kegs per hour: 140 Kegs/h
Year Completed: 2015

As part of the Heineken Group and to respond to increasing demand, Asian Pacific Brewery built a complete new keg washing and filling plant.

After completing the FAT at the Lambrechts factory the plant was shipped in 5 containers and re-erected and commissioned in Singapore.